Thursday, July 5, 2007

Patriotic Writing Contest Winners

By Pamela S. Meek

It is July and as our minds turn to Independence Day and we think about what is happening in our country today, we think about patriotism and what it means. Hot psychology asked for Patriotic articles and we received them!

We offered three different themes
The Modern Patriot, who are you?
What does it mean to be Patriotic?
Patriotism, Then and Now.

We are very proud to announce our three top winners. It was a very hard decision to choose from all the really fine entries. Thank you everyone who entered. And a really big Thank You to our panel of judges.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners

First place goes to …

The Modern Patriot
By Janet Denton

Second place goes to…

What Does it Mean to Be Patriotic?
Beth M Wood

And our Third place winner is…

Patriotism…What It Means To Me
Sue McKleveen

Each of our winners will win a Hot Psychology T-shirt and their award winning essays are as follows.

And Thank You for entering the second annual HP Writers Contest.

Pamela S. Meek
Our Culture Editor

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