Monday, February 19, 2007

The Media and America

By Pamela S. Meek

Did you ever think that if the South would have had our modern day media, they would have won the war, or, maybe even avoided the war completely? And still today, there would be slaves in the cotton fields.

Every news station would have carried coverage of how wonderful being a slave was. Newspapers and magazines would have been full of articles about how slaves should be grateful for their condition; after all, their owners were just trying to teach them how to behave as proper slaves. Every plantation would be showcased and the owners interviewed and made out to be truly concerned with the slaves living as they did in Africa. After all, African tribes often kept other tribes prisoners as slaves. Slaves would be interviewed who would say all the right things and tell us how wonderful slavery is. People in the North would have been told they were incorrect to care about slaves. They were integral to the working of the South and it was politically incorrect to judge the conduct of the slave owners. They would have been accused of only wanting the land or control of the tobacco and cotton.

Don't get me wrong, The South is one of my favorite places. And for the most part, they are very gracious, loving people. But the fact is, slavery was wrong and most field slaves were treated terribly...

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