Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Mothers Day From Hot Psychology

By Pamela S. Meek

Many believe that Mothers day is just a day to send flowers, or cards or to take a mom or the wife out to dinner. But we here at Hot Psychology believe it is much more. We believe it is a day to look within ourselves and rediscover the part of us that is our Mom, the part of her that makes us who we are.

Whether biological, adopted, foster, Grandmother, Aunt, older sister, or the woman who lives next door, the woman who had the most influence in your life is a very special person that helped to form you into who you are today.

There have been some very strong women who have helped to shape me and make me who I am.

Some people look at me and say I am the spitting image of my mom. I take that as a compliment. People have always considered my mom to be a beautiful, sexy, loving, and intelligent woman. My mom has been a wonderful example of love and caring, and she’s taught me to follow my dreams. Her heartfelt support in everything I have ever done has been a blessing. Being married to my Dad, working, and raising six spoiled rotten kids was not an easy task, but she's never failed any of us. Even when we were wrong, that is when she was there the strongest.

Other women who shaped me and had a big part in my life were my Grandmothers;

My maternal Grandmother showed me how to laugh at troubles, how to find the good in even the worst, and she showed me how to find an inner strength I never knew anyone could posses. I learned as I watched her grieve the loss of both of her sons who were taken far too young. I held her hand as she sat at my Grandfathers bedside as he lay dieing. I prayed with her and listened to her talk of her love and devotion to him. I watched her rise up and walk down the Isle again when she was 75 years young. And I watched her grieve again when just 2 yrs later she lost him too. I see her now still active and vibrant, still loving each one of us as she waits to be called home.

My Paternal Grandmother taught me how to love the earth, how to plant and care for a garden and the love of animals. She also taught me about the importance of family. She showed me how to love and enjoy the times spent with my own children. She showed me that family is everything. Without family, there is nothing. One simply exists. I miss her a lot and sometimes wish she were still here to give me her advice.

I also have all of my aunts to thank. I was the first born girl on both sides of the family, the first born on my mother’s side, and was preceded by only a month by a boy cousin on my dad’s side. My aunts used to dress me up and treat me like a doll, so I have them to thank for my toughness. They also taught me about using my imagination, how to roller skate and ice skate, how to throw a soft ball, and how to run faster than the boys. They taught me how to be cute and how to pretend to cry to get my own way, much to my daddy’s surprise. Contrary to what my mom believes, it was not my dad who taught me to cuss either.

All of these women helped to shape the me I am today. Thank You Mom, Grandma, and a special Thanks to the Aunts!!

Here at Hot Psychology, we have tried to celebrate by finding some really great articles this month, and in the traditions of HP, we have found some thought provoking, intense stories of love and caring that dig deep into the discovery of what makes us human.

Carol O'Dell is a caregiver for her Mother in the “Sandwich” generation, and shares her most intimate thoughts with us.

Adrienne shares her fight as a mother to be able to love her child when post partum depression and treatment resistant depression stole all feeling from her life, and refused to allow her to love her son. Her article is a 2 part story that will premier here in Our Cultures and finish next month in To Your Health, along with an article on the VNS devise that now allows her to feel that love she so desired to feel.

And Tasha Evansguard shares her love and thankfulness for a woman who isn't biologically her mother and gives a new twist in family love.

Being a Mother, a Mom, or a Grandma is a special gift and Hot Psychology wishes all our Mothers a wonderful day, and a wonderful year.

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